Project Update - January 2022

2022 - Anticipated Activity

2022 - First/Second Quarter

Broomfield anticipates scheduling certain development plans and associated documents for consideration of approval by the Land Use Review Commission (LURC) and/or City Council (CC). These include:

  • Broomfield Town Square PUD Plan [LURC & CC]
  • A Comprehensive Plan land use map amendment [CC]
  • Final Plat [LURC with option for call-up by CC]

2022 - Late Spring/Summer

Broomfield continues to review engineering reports, technical studies and the site development plan (SDP) for the formal site details including architecture, landscaping, and site amenities.

Later in the year, Broomfield anticipates scheduling the formal SDP and associated documents for consideration of approval by the Land Use Review Commission (LURC), City Council (CC) and/or the Broomfield Urban Renewal Authority (BURA). These include:

  • Broomfield Town Square Site Development Plan [LURC & CC]
  • Amended Broomfield Plaza-Civic Urban Renewal Area (URA) and Plan (URP) [CC] - to reduce the boundary to exclude the town square area
  • Broomfield Town Square URA and Plan [CC] - to create a new urban renewal area dedicated to the town square development
    • Associated Tax Increment Financing Agreements [BURA]
  • Petition for Business Improvement District Formation and Operating Plan [CC]

Once the land use plans are approved by City Council, the developer will submit construction documents for administrative review. These include:

  • Civil Plans
  • Building Plans
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Broomfield Town Square approved! On Sept. 13, 2023 Broomfield City Council and BURA approved the Site Development Plan for the Broomfield Town Square. Moving forward, construction and project updates will be found on the developer’s website: Broomfield Town Square Alliance website.

You can learn more about the history of this project, including how community input shaped the guiding principles of this development, by reading below. Additional information about the Concept Review can be found on the Broomfield Town Square Concept page.

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